Hazard Signs on the Road of Life

My lovely wife Disa and I were driving down an unpaved county road on Monday. Lined up along the left side were a series of hazard signs and cones (the blog picture is actual). The area where this road runs received a lot of snowfall this winter. Combine that with early spring rains and it created significant run off, severely rutting the road.

We had previously driven this road the night before. One stretch of road had not been marked as hazardous. Had we driven too far right, we could have experienced a fairly serious accident as the run-off ruts were several feet deep. I was grateful for the warning signs on my trip out. Had we not heeded them, we would have risked injury and damage to my old Chevy truck.

The hazard markers, reminded me about an important life lesson—it is important to pay attention to hazard signs or you might end up in the ditch.


TO MUCH DEBT-If you’re only paying the minimum amount on your credit cards, you’re already in the ditch! The Great Recession of 2008 seems to have already been forgotten by average Americans. Many still have more month than money, so they extend their reach via easy credit. Dave Ramsay likes to say, “Live like no one else today so you can live like nobody else tomorrow.” My wife and I went through a significant financial reversal in the last 18 months and never missed a meal! We entered this unexpected turbulence debt free and were able to adjust our lifestyle to 50% less without losing our shirts. If we had entered it with credit card debt, car and house payments, it could have been another story. If you’re finances are a mess, check out Crown Ministries at www.crown.org, where you can get practical help from a faith based organization.

MARRIAGE PROBLEMS-If you’re married you will have problems. Period. Learn to pay attention to early warning signs. Ask yourself, How good are we getting along with each other—really? What cues are we giving off? If you answered; “We’re great, no one is arguing.” That may also mean that no one is talking! Most marriage failures I’ve observed didn’t happen overnight. Instead, the relationship began to erode like a North Idaho dirt road—long before the marriage ended up in the ditch. If things aren’t going well, or even if you just need a tune-up, get some help. We’ve spent thousands on counseling and clinics. That’s probably why we’re still together after 37 years. A good marriage requires hard work and financial investment, where you learn to relate to each other in a healthy way.

LIVING LIKE AN ATHIEST-How you live your life matters. It matters to God. It matters to others. Your personal life and your public life are not separate entities. That’s why God gave us scripture like the 10 commandments. You’ve heard of those, right? They’ve never been called the 10 Suggestions! The first four are about your relationship with God—“Thou shall have no other gods before me…” and the last six are about your relationship with people—“Honor thy mother and father…” We can either see God’s Word as cosmic kill joy or as warning signs designed to protect us. I don’t know anyone who regretted living their life according to the 10 Commandments (and other clear teachings from scripture). But I have visited with many who’ve ended up in the proverbial ditch because they didn’t pay attention to the warning signs. Many today claim to be Christ followers, but they live their lives like they’ve never read the Book. That’s what I call a practical atheist… someone who lives like there really isn’t a God who has spoken. If you find your life is in conflict with God’s word—repent. Change your mind. Get settled in a Bible based church, enroll in a small group and start DOING the Bible (James 1:22).

After all, life is crazy enough without us ignoring God’s Word and landing in the ditch.

Dr. Tony

Jonathan Schuler